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Step 2 of Home-Buying Process: Find Broker and View Houses

Now that you are pre-approved, you can start looking for houses in your price range.  This is the exciting part!

 2.1 Figure out what kind of house you want

Before you start hitting the streets looking at houses, you must know what you want.  How many bedrooms?  How many bathrooms?  What location do you want?  Knowing what to look for really helps narrow down the search.  If you look at too many houses, they all start blending together, so make sure you have an idea of what you are looking for.

 2.2 Find a Real Estate Broker

Not all brokers are the same; we all have different areas of expertise and experience.  Just because your neighbor or friend acquired their real estate license doesn’t mean they are always the right match for you.  Buying a house is a big commitment.  Make sure your broker knows what they are doing.

Also, we see a lot of buyers view homes using several different real estate brokers.  This can create problems down the road.  For starters, you want a broker who is working for you… if you use several brokers, many will realize that you are not committed to them, and therefore they won’t commit to you.  Secondly, if you view a home with a broker, you are technically committed to them on the house that they showed you.  This can be frustrating if you find the house you love, but you cannot trust that broker.  Therefore, it is always best to view homes with the broker that you trust.

*I am sure that you were expecting us to tell you that we are the best company for your needs.  We will let you decide that.

 2.3 Identify the house you want

Finally, you can start looking at houses.  Before you start driving around though, you should get online and look at the houses available in your price range (our website is great for this, just click the search for homes link).  You can quickly narrow down properties by choosing the location, price, features, and more.  Our search pulls data from the MLS, which is the same service where real estate brokers get their information.  After you have an idea of what houses you like, contact your real estate broker to continue defining your search.

You will want to narrow your search down to about 5 houses before your first appointment.  This will help give you an idea of the market, and you can continue tweaking your searches if none of the first 5 works for you.  Some people find the house of their dreams the first time around, while others search a lot of houses before they find one that suits them.

Also, many real estate brokers have schedules; make sure to give them enough notice to see houses so they can set it up.  If not, you may be disappointed to find out that a broker cannot drop everything to show you a house with no notice.  Sometimes houses are not readily accessible without a prior notice from us as well.

Photo Credit: “Giant number two” by Ruth and Dave on Flickr. CC Licensed.