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In November 2013, Matthew and Daryl Loewen left their long-standing brokerage, Weichert Realtors, in order to start their own independent brokerage – Loewen Clovis Realty.

Foregoing the traditional approach, Loewen Clovis Realty does not have a large “brick and mortar” building.  We took an apartment complex that we own, on 519 Pile, and put our small office in the front.  You won’t find expensive fancy offices with plush furniture and espresso machines. Rather than pass that ridiculous cost on to our clients, we prefer to focus our efforts and our money on serving our clients in the field — which is where real estate sales happen. We’ve got the technology tools and systems in place to do real estate right.

Leveraging the power of technology, combined with the cost savings associated with running an independent brokerage unencumbered by the overhead of a large franchise, we will enable our clients to actually enjoy buying or selling real estate.

All of our brokers at Loewen Clovis Realty have been in the real estate business for several years, and they are well experienced in selling homes.  We made it a point to only take on brokers that know what they are doing, so as to make sure our clients never feel like they are part of the “training-process” of a new broker.  You can rest assured that whoever you deal with in our company has done many transactions in the past, and they are happy and able to work with you.

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