What if there is more than one application turned in?

If we have more than one application on a rental home, we will process them in the order that we receive them.  The first qualified applicant will be given the choice to put the deposit down to secure the property.  If they cannot put the deposit down within a reasonable period of time, we will move on to the next applicants until we have a qualified applicant who has put the deposit down on the home.

If we are processing an application and there is information missing (no landlord references, no SSN, etc.), we will move on to the next application that we have available.  Therefore, make sure you completely fill out the application.  Also, if we have indication that you are hiding information, being untruthful, or deliberately putting down wrong information, we will move to the next available applications.

If we get a qualified application and the deposit on the property, this means that the property is now secured, and all the applicants that weren’t processed will receive their application fee back.

If the first qualified applicant has not put the deposit down in a reasonable time period, we will allow the next qualified applicant to put down a deposit.  However, if the first qualified applicant comes up with the deposit at any time prior to other qualified applicants, the property will be secured by the one who put the deposit down.  Therefore, just because you are a qualified applicant doesn’t mean that you will get the home.  You have to be qualified and put down the deposit to secure the home.

Having more than one application on a property is always a tricky situation, and we want to make it as fair as possible.

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