Google’s Products Continue to Impress

There are very few companies that continue to impress me like Google has.  They are constantly innovating and improving their products day after day, month after month, and year after year.  It is no wonder that they continue to dominate the search engine market with 65% of all searches conducted.

If you haven’t checked out their product line, click here to browse through their services.

Their products are simple, easy to use, and powerful.  Majority of them are free, and the beauty is that most of them can sync together with one another.

Here are a couple of products that I use on a daily basis:


I doubt there is another free e-mail service that can top google’s gmail.

Google Voice

My main phone number is now my google voice number.  I have all of my contacts stored online (and in Gmail) in case I ever lose my phone.  I can transfer calls to any phone I want, so I am not always tied to my cell phone.  Each voicemail is transcribed and written in text for me. Every conversation, text, and voicemail is stored online and I can search through them with Google’s powerful search.  On top of that, I can have personalized voicemails for each person and I can text people through my computer (even take calls on my computer) instead of my phone.

Google Calender

Great calendar that sends notifications to my phone and lets me collaborate events with others.

Google Drive

This is one of the latest products of Google, and I imagine I am going to use it a LOT.  It is Google’s version of a hard drive, but yet your files are stored online so that you can access them from any computer/phone you want.

Recently my mom’s computer broke down and she nearly lost all of her files that she had accumulated over years.  Many of these were hundreds of pages of documents that she had crafted, and it was one of the most desperate feelings to see all that work disappear.  Nowadays we store everything on Google Drive just in case something like that happens again.  Many people are eery of online backups, but I would trust Google’s servers anyday over our own computers.

Google +

Google + is similar to Facebook and Twitter, but it is far more than just a social networking platform.  It is a way to combine many of your google products into one.  I love my google + profile, and actually have all of my Facebook and Twitter feeds going through Google +.  It is a nice place to do searches and chat with others around the country that are talking about the same subjects as me.

Many More

Other great products that are used on a consistent basis are Google Maps, Google Reader, Picasa Web Albums, and more.  They are truly coming out with products all the time that are moving technology forward.

Photo Credit: “Google” by Carlos Luna on Flickr.  CC Licensed.

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