Other Rental Companies in Clovis

If you haven’t found any rentals of ours that suit your needs, here is a list of other rental companies in Clovis.  Below are the links and phone numbers as a service to you.  You might also try Thrifty Nickel and Clovis News Journal for private listings from smaller landlords.

Action Real Estate – 575.760.2660

Caprock Rentals – 575.935.2600

Coldwell Banker  – 575.769.1952

Combs Properties – 575.356.4436

Dallas Rentals – 575.742.0831

Homespot Properties – 575.356.5639

Kathy Corn Realtors – 575.763.7253

Master Realty – 575.356.6607

Remax – 575.763.3729

Rental Property Management – 575.762.4781

Southwest Real Estate – 575.762.7801

Stovall Rentals – 575.309.7454

Western Investments – 575.762.4217

Wright Realtors – 575.762.1574

Young Rentals – 575.935.0260


*All information on this site is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.  We do our best to make sure that all the numbers and websites to the above companies are current, but sometimes the information is wrong.